Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow what a beginning!

School started two weeks ago for us. So many things have changed, and it is really taking some getting used to. The kids and I are starting to get the hang of things now, so I can get back to reviewing soon. I have some exciting books coming up! September is packed with some great new books from Heather Frost, Seanan McGuire and J.R. Ward, just to name a few. Enjoy the last rays of summer sun, it will soon be time to curl up with a good book and a blanket!


  1. my booty is already cold and I have been snuggling with my blanket!

  2. When I got an email there was a comment, I thought for sure I had a troll. I was very proud...until I saw it was you. My troll is my authoress sister-in-law! Not as cool as having a real troll, but I welcome your comments anyway!